Friday, April 11, 2014

Week 17 Recap - Taper Week

Monday: Rest Day

Tueday: Yoga
I just have to say again how much I love yoga. I have completely fallen in love with it. This was a really good, strong class for me. All my balance poses were great and I was able to hold Crow Pose for a bit longer than normal. I also had a really strong single leg side plank that I held the whole time. AND I was able to do Camel Pose comfortably. Camel Pose always freaks me out because I feel like my neck is going to snap or get injured and I have a weak lower back. I'm always afraid to let go on this one but I did it with lots of confidence during this class. Jeff of course has always been able to do Camel Pose. For a guy, he is a total freak of nature! Aren't girls supposed to be more flexible than guys?! Anyways, I felt AMAZING after this class! 

Single leg side plank

Camel Pose

Wednesday: 6k Race Pace, Pace 6:29 mins/km (faster than my intended race pace)
Jeff wasn't going to run at all this week so I headed out on my own to do 1 loop of my road (yes it's MY road now ; ) I haven't really decided what I want my race pace to be so I decided to do what felt good and push myself a bit. I was going faster than normal and breathing through my mouth. It sucked not to have any water for this. Soooo I was pleasantly surprised to end up with a pace of 6:29 mins/km. It's still not speedy in most people's books but it's fast for me!  I haven't done a single training run under 6:30 so I was very happy. In fact, I did 10:1 intervals for this run since that is what I will be doing for the race and I was faster than my fastest 6k run that I ran straight through! That's is a true testament to how well the 10:1's work for me!

I was very satisfied with this run and kind of want to end this training on a high note so I skipped my 6k Friday run. If anything, I might just do an easy 3 or 4k on Saturday just to keep my legs fresh.

And that takes me to the end of my training for my second 1/2 marathon!!! Can't believe it! It's been a long 4 months of highs and lows but I would say it was mostly highs. I am pretty proud of myself A) for training through the winter since I hate being cold B) for doing a large part of the last month by myself since Jeff has been injured C) for never skipping a long run D) coming out injury free!

It has been a very successful program and I have seen some nice improvements. Now all I can do is trust in my training!

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