Monday, December 30, 2013

1st Week of Training - officially official this time!

Wow, talk about starting off Week 1 in full force! And we are in pain because of it!

Because of Christmas, the only way to be on track was to do the 3 scheduled training runs for the week back to back. I don't think we have ever run 3 days in a row but it was the only option to keep us on schedule.

I also have a friend who has just started running and all of her completed runs were putting me to shame! It was a great motivator to get me out of the winter running blues. It's funny how someone that you inspired can just turn around and inspire you right back!

I worked on Saturday so we planned to run around 4ish. It gets dark really early so by about 4:30 there is not too much light left. It was another 5k on the schedule and we mapped out the 5k the night before pretty perfectly so we did the same route - into Steveston Village, to Garry Point Park and back.

It was a little bit cooler than the night before and I said I wasn't going to wear my vest again but decided to forego my running jacket instead, wear a warmer top and keep the vest on. It was a perfect choice. I wasn't too cold or too hot.

Here is my OOTD:

I wore my Ebb and Flow crops which are my fave type of Lululemon crop. They are made of this seamless compressive material that doesn't attract lint or cat hair like luon does. This version of the crop is a lot longer than the current In The Flow crops. I like the longer style for winter running. Only problem with these crops are that they are a tad big on me. I got them when I was a bigger size so they are a 6 and I really am a size 4 right now so they got a little saggy in the crotch by the end of the run but nothing that I needed to keep adjusting. I also wore a rulu (running luon) zip up pullover from a few seasons ago and a swiftly t-shirt underneath. Rulu is so cozy soft and moisture wicking at the same time. For winter, I like to layer with a thin sweat wicking top first and then put something warmer over it. My absolute favourite piece of clothing for winter running right now is my What The Fluff vest that I got last year. It is so light that it doesn't add any weight but it it gives just that extra layer of warmth over your body. It is perfect. It is also reversible to black and has great reflective spots for night running.

This run was harder for me than the Friday run. I had a hard time with my breathing. We did go a bit faster but it was still more of a mental challenge for me to get through. Not every run is going to be great! I know that for sure. But we still did it!

We woke up on Sunday feeling quite sore. Two 5k runs back to back after about a month off was hard on our legs so to get out there and do the last run of the week was a mental battle of will. We had a nice lazy morning but eventually got out there to do a 6k. This was a much better run. It just seemed to go faster than the previous 2 runs and that extra kilometre didn't hurt us.

Here is my OOTD:

I wore some old Run Chase Me Crops which have a nice big side pocket and a waist cincher which helps since they are a size too big as well. I went with a nice think rulu top called the Star Runner pullover. I love the feminine details on it and the reflective bits on the arms. I wore my Nothin But Run Jacket which is really nothing but a wind breaker with some great venting, reflective details and good pockets.

We were incredibly sore after so did some stretching and then rewarded ourselves with a movie. We were going to see Catching Fire but it was sold out so we saw 47 Ronin instead. I had no idea what it was about but if you told me it was a Samurai movie to begin with, it would have been my first choice. I LOVE movies about the Samurai. I find their culture and honor system to be so fascinating so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Oh and I just wanted to give an update on my toe! I last posted about my right toenail that was black. Well that toenail fell off. More like I had to extract it myself. Gross I know. Aren't you sad I didn't post pics of that mess! It didn't hurt because all the skin under it was dead. It has started to grow back but my left toenail has now fallen to the same black fate : ( I think it will be time for some new shoes in the next couple of months with a bigger toe box. I love my shoes and they cause me no other issues but I really would like to be able to paint my toenails in my new Pink Essie Ballet Slippers nail polish color in the summer!

Well that is week 1 in a nutshell. The times were not important to me as we are just building back our endurance right now. Speed training will come, I know. I just have to be patient as always... sigh.

Today is rest day! Thank god! We need it!

Resolutions/Goals for 2014

As 2013 comes to a close it is time to think about resolutions. I don't actually ever make resolutions. I don't really believe in them so I want to focus more on goals.

Here are my fitness/health goals for 2014:

1) Enjoy running more. I run right now to get results. I want to eventually be able to run because I enjoy it.

2) Get faster. My first 1/2 was about completing it and having fun while doing it. My second will be about proving to myself that the first one was not just a one hit wonder. After that I want to start getting a bit speedier which means I will have to push myself.

3) Get stronger. Yoga has done SO much for my strength and I love it. But now I want to see muscles! lol! I want arm muscles! Hubby says he will help me with that so hopefully by the end of the year I will have some guns : )

4) Do a headstand without a wall behind me. Enough said.

5) Drink more water. I have gotten a lot better about drinking more water but I need to drink MORE!

6) Eat breakfast. This will be a hard one. I don't like breakfast but I know it is necessary.

That is all I can think of right now but if I think of more, I will post them : )

Being Inspiring

When I first started running I was inspired by others and told them so. I thanked them for making me realize that you really can do anything you set your mind to, you just have to start somewhere..... and so I started.

One 1/2 marathon later and training for my second I am still proud of my accomplishments but I never expected to be an inspiration to others, EVER! It truly is such an honor to hear from someone that you have inspired them. It makes my running journey even more special to hear that I have touched someone. Even if it is something as small as making them think differently about what their potential is. By no means am I changing lives but if I even make one person think for a few seconds that what they thought was impossible really is possible then that makes me really happy.

As the New Year approaches and people start to think about their resolutions, one of the them is to obviously get more fit. I have had a few nice surprises of people that have reached out to me saying that I have inspired them to start running and asking for advice. Me!? It still shocks me! 

An old friend from high school that I have kept in touch with through social media has started her running journey just recently and asked me for tips. I enthusiastically passed on all the knowledge that I have gained but reminded her that everyone's running journey is their own and to always do what is best for her. But to hear that I even had a small part in inspiring her to start means so much. She is keeping me updated on her progress and now in turn has inspired me! Her enthusiasm and commitment got me out of a running rut! So thank you A!

I really did start this running journey just for me but being an example for others makes my path so much more brightly lit 😊

Friday, December 27, 2013

I Suck Part 2

Let's see, last time I wrote I was all gung-ho about our new training program. Hmmm, that lasted about another week and a half!! Lol! Therefore, I Suck Part 2!!

November had some sickness but December is just well... December. Not a good month to try to train. Too busy with parties, shopping, bad weather and Christmas! Jeff works crazy long hours in December so some nights he was lucky to be home by 7. 

So here we are a month later and it is time to get down to some serious business! I have adjusted our training program from a 24 week one to a 17 week one. And we officially registered for the Whidbey Island 1/2 marathon in April!! Can't believe we are doing another one! Here is what our training program looks like:

Oh and some very exciting news... we finally bought a Garmin! It was a Christmas gift we got for each other. Not very romantic, but definitely wanted and needed. We got the Forerunner 10 and it is perfect for what we need. Since we do all training runs together, only one was needed. Check this bad boy out-

Never thought I would be so excited for a running watch! Who am I??!

So tonight we did an easy 5k and it felt really good. The Garmin was awesome and I really think it will help make us better runners. The virtual pacer will help so much with keeping a consistent pace.

The weather is pretty mild right now so it's hard to know what to wear. It was about 6 degrees or so. Here's my OOTD (outfit of the day) -

I figure I will start doing outfit posts as it can help me decide what worked for the weather and what didn't. Plus since I spend so much money on running/ yoga clothes I might as well review them. I wore a new pair of Lululemon Can't Stop Crops in a multi space dye print. I got them on markdown and really liked them. They performed well, didn't fall down or need any adjusting during the run and kept me comfortable after working up a sweat. One feature I loved was the deep side pockets to hold my phone. Here is a better pic of the pattern and color -

I love fun, patterned workout tights. I like black but my faves are the fun ones. Jeff LOVES my unconventional tights!

My top is the Lululemon Swiftly long sleeve in Frond. Swiftly's are the best running tops (long sleeve, short sleeve, and tanks). They are light, comfortable, sweat wicking and anti stink. They are great for layering and have a flattering fit.

I can't run in cold weather without covering my ears so I wear an ear warmer headband. I get really bad earaches from cold air on my ears. This keeps them perfectly protected and also collects all my head sweat!

I threw on a very light running jacket and a super light down vest. I could have done without the vest. I am really cold when I start but quickly heat up and start pealing off layers. It is all about the layers when training in winter! So next time it is this temp I will not wear the vest.

So the plan is to run Saturday and Sunday this week to keep us on track for Week 1. My legs were a bit sore after tonight since I am working the kinks out. So I will be stretching lots!

I saw this today and loved it!

Okay folks, it's time to get down to get serious which means more blog posting to keep me accountable!! I don't plan on doing an "I Suck Part 3"!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Still loving Yoga!

So in my last post I confessed to being a very bad runner in the last 3 months, but I have kept up with Yoga and am still loving it!

Yoga is one of the only activities that I have ever done in my life that l look forward to, crave and can't wait til the next class! I hate missing a class and yes I will drag my Hubby even when he is feeling a bit under the weather. One day he said he wasn't going because he had a headache. I actually told him to "put on your big boy pants, stop whining and let's go! It will make you feel better!" I even clapped my hands in his face and told him to get dressed and get moving! Yep, true story! And guess what?? At the end of the class he felt better and thanked me for making him go! Lol!

The only bad thing about yoga is it's only once a week : ( We have requested for more classes so hopefully something will be added soon. I would like to go 2 times a week at least. Sometimes we do a yoga video at home but it's not the same.

I can't believe how much my strength, balance and flexibility has improved since starting yoga. There are some positions I would never have even thought were in my realm of possibility! But when I want to accomplish something it is pretty hard to stop me!

When I first saw our instructor do Crow Pose I thought she was insane! I didn't think I would EVER be able to do it. Of course Hubby was an expert and showing off from the start so that just spurred me on. I practiced a lot and did a few face plants as a result but one day something just clicked that I wasn't doing right so I adjusted slightly and I did it!! Happy dance!

My legs are still not nearly as high as they really should be and I can't hold this position for very long but I am just happy I actually got both my feet off the ground. Oh and also happy that the back of my arms where my knees dig in don't hurt anymore! They were pretty tender and bruised for awhile.

So the next impossible pose our instructor introduced was the headstand!! No friggin way! But competitive and stubborn me saw Hubby the class star doing it no problem and I couldn't just let him leave me in the dust! I practiced a lot! And hurt myself a bunch! One day I practiced all day and had such a bloody headache and the top of my head was so sore. I was still nowhere near being able to do it. So I googled tips on doing headstands and watched a YouTube video! Lol! I am SUCH a loser!

I made some adjustments to suit me and figured out that it was all about core and shoulder strength, not head and neck strength! That made such a difference! I also decided that I really didn't want to break my neck so will only practice now against a wall. So I have progressed to being able to do a headstand by a wall and taking my legs away so it is all me!!!! Never would have thought I could even do that!! I am still nowhere near strong or confident enough to do it without a wall to break my fall just in case, PLUS the one time I didn't use a wall and asked Hubby to spot me, he just let me fall over in front of him and I crushed and bruised my hands!!! Can you believe him!? There was this awful cracking sound from my hands being crushed and he thought it was my neck. He is lucky it wasn't! Anyways never again!!

Look Ma, no wall!!

So there's a bunch of other wacky poses our instructor does that just leave us with our mouths open but it sure is fun trying!!

Namaste : )

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I Suck

I have been a very bad blogger and a very bad runner : (

When I finished the 1/2 marathon in August I wasn't sure if I was going to continue blogging but I knew for sure that I wanted to run more 1/2 marathons. A few people encouraged me to keep blogging so I decided I would.

Well guess what, I have had nothing to blog about!!! Well running wise anyways. After the 1/2 I really wanted to take a break from the grind of training. I did want to keep running but nothing regimented. Well I found out something about myself, I am just not at the point where I run for fun. I need to have a goal in mind and be in a training program. Maybe one day I will run for fun but not there yet. It's now November and we have only run 5k a handful of times : ( Boo! 

Running is not quite a habit yet but I have lots of things to keep me motivated thank goodness!

It's time for a new goal!! Must. Get. Back. Into. It!! And it's the perfect time to start blogging again to hold myself accountable.

I started researching some races coming up and decided April was a good time to run another 1/2. I found a race at Whidbey Island in April and thought it was perfect for our second 1/2. Whidbey Island is in the US and only a couple hours drive away. It is a beautiful area and April will be great weather wise. It will be a smaller race and I think it will be perfect as a transition race going into the summer and leading up to the SeaWheeze again. So we will be registering soon and I am actually looking forward to it! I have no hesitation or fear about whether or not I can do it unlike when I signed up for the SeaWheeze. That's a good sign! It's amazing what completing one 1/2 marathon has done for my confidence!

Next up, Hubby and I really want to do the Half Corked race in the Okanagan in May. It's 18k and is run through the local wineries where you get to sample different wines! How fun will this be!?! It is also well known for people dressing in costumes. Can't wait! Will be a blast! I think it will be a good event to bring the fun back into running.

After that I think we might want to do the Scotiabank 1/2 in June. I have heard it is a great race to get a PR because there are some glorious stretches of downhill! I LOVE running downhill! This race would keep us well trained to rock the SeaWheeze in August!!

Sounds like a lot but I am actually really excited about this plan! I am ready to dig in and look forward to training again. I have kind of missed running these last 3 months. I know my body has. I have aches and pains again and am soft again : (

I found a 24 week traing program online that I really like and Day 1 was supposed to be tomorrow but we did it tonight! We are already ahead of schedule! My daughter had Field Hockey practice tonight so we had time to kill and figured we would take advantage of the track next to her practice. It was really cold, very blustery night and I thought to myself "training in the winter is going to suck!!" But once you warm up it is actually refreshing. The program called for a moderate 5k. It was more of a slow 5k but we did it! 

Back at it!! : )

Day 1 of training

Distance: 5k
Time: 37:55
Pace: A slow and easy 7:35. Cut me some slack! I just took 3 months off!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

SeaWheeze 2013 Race Report - Part 1

WE DID IT!!! We completed our first 1/2 marathon and we enjoyed it!!

The whole experience was amazing and we are so thankful that our first race was such a rewarding  one. I am sitting here struggling with how to put it all into words so this might be a long post.

I guess I will start with the day before and our volunteer experience.

Friday was a very busy day. I got up in the morning and decided to do a very easy 30 minute run to keep my legs loose. Jeff was working that day so I went solo. It was really hot and it wasn't the best run but I just had to shake it off.

Not only were we volunteering at the race and running it, but it was also my daughters 15th Birthday. After the run we were having a family picnic and then 7 of her friends were coming downtown for dinner and sleeping over in a hotel room we got for them. So I was also crazy busy with baking and making food for the celebrations. Again, all solo since Hubby was working.

The whole reason we were inspired to run the SeaWheeze this year is because we volunteered at the aid station last year. We loved it and wanted to volunteer again. So we signed up to do race package pick up on Friday night. Our shift was supposed to be 4:30 to 9:30 but with Jeff working, there was no way we were going to make that. Plus we wanted to make sure we had time to have a healthy meal. We were lucky enough to still be able to volunteer from 7:30 - 9:30. Perfect!

We headed downtown and checked into our hotel the Hyatt which was awesome. It was only a few blocks from the convention centre. We went for dinner at Joeys and had a super healthy salad with quinoa and lots of veggies and shared the chicken Alfredo. I think it was just right.

Then off we went to our volunteer shift. We got these super comfy tees.

The Yogi T for me and the Five Year Basic T for Jeff. They are really soft! We got a quick demo of how to get racers their packages and it was so well organized. I loved this because we got to meet a bunch of the racers and talk to them about their race goals and how their training went. The majority of them were from out of town which was very cool. This actually calmed my nerves a lot. Talking to other racers really helped me realize that everyone was just there to do their best and we are all a part of a great community and support system. It felt good to wish them luck and for them to return it to me.

There were lots of out of towers rushing in last minute from planes, trains or buses trying to pick up their packages in time. It made me feel not so stressed anymore seeing them run in with their luggage still in tow!

Anyways, here are the race packages. Inside the bag was our race number on a wristband and a timing chip.

As it wasn't very busy during our shift, it gave me a chance to check out the store. I was sad to see that there was pretty much nothing left and I came away with nothing : ( Hubby got a very cute singlet top though.

After our shift we walked back to the hotel and went to the hot tub to soak for 30 minutes before bed. There were some other racers from California in there as well as some soccer players from a team that was playing our Whitecaps team the next day.  We were meeting the nicest people and staying downtown was the best decision.

I laid out my race outfit like a good organized racer.

And then off to bed I went. Unfortunately my sleep was pretty terrible. I was very restless. Sorry if this is too much information but I ended up with the absolute worst timing as it was that time of the month for me and I had horrible cramps. I woke up in the morning feeling very tired and had MAJOR stomach issues : ( I was worried if I was even going to make it. Hubby also didn't have the best sleep.

We drank some water and ate a breakfast of oatmeal with chia and some peanut butter banana bread that I baked. I couldn't get too much of it down but did my best as I knew fuelling was very important.

We were supposed to meet our friend Zyta in the lobby for 6:20 but my stomach issues delayed us a lot so the plan was to meet her somewhere at the corrals. 

I was finally ready to head over to the start line. In our elevator we met a really nice racer from Seattle all decked out in SeaWheeze gear. It's so cool to see the camaraderie with all the racers. It's like being a part of a club. He walked down with us and gave us some positive advice when we told him it was our first race. He said the energy of 10,000 other racers would carry us through. He really helped to calm my nerves.

I did bring a long sleeve throw away shirt as I thought it might be cool waiting to start but I didn't need it. The temperature was just right and overcast! Yes, praying to the weather gods worked! I was so happy that it wasn't going to be blazing hot!

We made our way to the 2:30 finish corral and try to find Zyta. Everyone looked awesome!! Definitely the most well dressed bunch of racers I have ever seen. So many bright colours and the majority of people wearing the SeaWheeze shorts just looked so cool.

Unfortunately we weren't able to connect with Zyta but we sure tried. Apparently her phone was dying. I really wanted to see her and give her a good luck hug.

Before long it was time for our wave to head to the start line. They did a good job of pumping us up with great music and lots of cheering as well as doing the wave.

And off we went!!!!!

SeaWheeze 2013 Race Report - Part 2

When we took off I was a bit stunned at first. I couldn't believe I was participating in my first race ever and I was just trying to take it all in.

It is true what they say though, the energy of all the other racers and the people cheering you on really does carry you through! And it carried me through the first 13k! 

The first half went by so quick and I loved that! I guess it's because I had so much else to focus on than myself which I'm not used to. My running is usually so internal. I focus solely on myself, my breathing, my music, my body. This race was so much more external. I was watching other runners, listening to the sounds around me, watching all the entertainment and awesome supporters.

Matching shorts : )

There was a hill out of downtown but because it was so early on it was totally fine. We still did our 10's and 1's to pace ourselves properly and not go out too fast but I found myself really wanting to take advantage of the downhill and skip any walk breaks then. Jeff had to tell me to slow down a few times but I just felt good so kept going and about 3k in we passed our 2:30 Pace Beavers. 

My daughter's father was working the first aid station so we stopped a bit there to talk to him. Along the way we had some awesome entertainment of big old fashioned bikes, Tai Chi demonstrators and just lots of strangers offering high fives and support. I can't tell you how cool it was to get a high five from a total stranger telling you how awesome you were.

Before I knew it we were at 5k and then 6k. I celebrated each of these markers with hands in the air and a big cheer. I can't believe how awesome I felt. We were still ahead of our Pacers at this point. We also settled into a certain group of people going our same pace. They would pass us on our walk break and then we would pass them. It was the first time I had ever run in a large group and it really helped because you would focus on a person in front of you that you wanted to pass. Jeff was just having the time of his life. He high fived everyone in sight and thanked every volunteer he saw. 

I think this was around 9 or 10k and I was celebrating having completed the first part of the bridge.

My brother was following the route on his motorcycle and we finally saw him under the Burrard St Bridge just after the second aid station. It was awesome to see him there and that kind of support gives you an extra push. He ran along with us for a bit and cheered us on. It meant so much to have him there.

We looped around and started to head towards the bridge. This would be a milestone because I knew that when we tackled the whole bridge we would be more than 1/2 way through. But not before a big hill came up! It was funny because we came around the corner and there was this collective groan from the runners around me. It wasn't long but it was fairly steep. However at the top was a group of fabulous Drag Queens! What a great way to distract us from the hill! 

At this point we started to pass the earlier pace groups on the the other side of the road. I couldn't help but feel jealous. A lot of them looked pretty tired though. And then it was time to go up and over the bridge. I walked a bit leading up to the bridge so I could run the entire first half of it. I did just that and then started flying on the downhill part. Jeff and I were dodging and weaving a lot here and started to get stuck behind people a lot. But I was still feeling really good so weaved wherever we could and passed a lot of people and the first part of the bridge was done! We were still ahead of our pace group at this point.

We ran into Kits for a bit before turning around to head back over the bridge. This side was harder because the incline up is a lot longer. I walked more than I wanted to but told myself it was okay as I still had 10k more to run. I took advantage of the downhill again and made up some time. 

As we were heading to English Bay our pacers started to pass us again. Oh well, all I could do was just run my own race. We came across a big group of raccoons at this point and Jeff proceeds to walk towards them to get a picture. Yes, exactly what we need is for him to get taken out by a raccoon 1/2 way through our first 1/2 marathon!! What a guy!

I was starting to tire just a little at this point but nothing I couldn't handle. I knew we still had to tackle the Seawall so I had to find all the energy I could.

Me heading into English Bay

And find it I did! At English Bay we saw my sister in law Jenny, her husband Scott and our niece and nephew Ela and Lochlan. What an awesome sight they were!! They had signs for us and silly hats! I loved it. We stopped to give them hugs and high fives! That put huge smiles on our faces!

How much their support meant shows with the huge smiles on our faces!

So the Seawall.... you either love it or hate it. You should love it because it is all flat and so beautiful but on this race it was my nemesis. I was starting to get really pooped when we got a third of the way through the Seawall  and this is where I really started to slow down. I could still see our pacers but they started to get further and further away. I was only a little discouraged. It just meant I wouldn't be making Goal 3 but I was still determined to make Goal 1 and 2!

I found the Seawall too isolating. There were no more large cheer groups and the runners had thinned out a lot since it was a narrower pathway. It was eerily quiet so I found my energy drain along with the surroundings. Now that I could focus just on me and my body, it brought me out of my adrenaline rush that had been carrying me. It was now time to rely on myself.

At around 15k I had a bit of a scare. My stomach started to cramp a bit and I had a bit of a cold sweat going. I was worried that my stomach issues from earlier had returned. I decided to stop at a port o potty just in case. The line wasn't long but it was taking forever. We probably waited 2 or 3 minutes and then suddenly the cramping went away and I decided to skip it and just keep going.

I was tired but kept going and kept telling Jeff to push me. Before I knew it we were at 18k!! I was so excited to be close to finishing but then the damn inclines out of Stanley Park came!! Any incline at this point took that extra bit of energy that I just didn't have. And they just kept coming! I can't even call them hills but it wasn't flat and I was cursing that they would do that  at the very end of a race. At the final aid station, the volunteer told me there was only 2k more to go. I told myself I could do 2k in my sleep!!! Well that didn't work because I just felt like I was sleep walking! My legs were so heavy at this point and I was swearing a lot at the tiny hills! Lol! I just wanted to be done! Jeff was super encouraging and kept telling me we were almost done and I could do it. I knew I could too, I just had to dig deep! I was in no pain at all, just tired and was stopping way more than I wanted to. I was not at all used to hills at the end of a long run.

We were finally out of Stanley Park and there was one more damn hill! The lady at the top said, this is the last hill and then you only have 600m more to go!! I could have kissed her!!!

And then we saw the 400m sign! I was elated!! I was feeling the adrenaline surge again as the cheering started. We then saw my brother again and my brother in law Brent on rollerblades. He was alongside us clapping and told us to finish strong. I was so happy at this point. A flood of emotions came over me and then I saw my whole family and the waterworks came! I was so overwhelmed and emotional when I saw the face of my sister, mom, daughter, sister in law, niece and nephews.  I choked back tears and high fived them all. That was one of the best moments for me. Seeing all their faces meant the world to me! I love my family!

My Momma!

That's my brother running behind us. Not some crazy person running the race in a jacket and jeans!

Spotting my family!

Just look at those smiles! That says it all!

My sister was running along side us and I could see her crying so that got me going again! Bunch of crybabies!

I am so emotional here! Lol!

Jeff and I picked up speed and crossed the finish line holding hands and smiling as big as possible! 

We did it!! We did it together and I couldn't have been more proud of us!

After we got our medals, we hugged at the finish line and I just let the tears flow. I cried out of sheer happiness for what we had accomplished together. I did something no one ever would have thought I could do. Most of all me!! I cried knowing my family was there to see me finish strong and proud of me.

Photo courtesy of the Lululemon SeaWheeze 1/2 marathon

We then got some nice little gifts, a Saje aromatherapy recovery kit and SkullCandy earbuds. A very nice touch!

They were also handing out cold towels to cool off and wipe down with.  Luckily the weather was perfect that day so I never felt too hot.

We then saw Zyta and I was sooo happy to see her! We gave each other a big hug of congratulations. She finished strong and was feeling good as well!  So proud of her!!

I honestly could have cared less what my time was but the official Chip time was 2:37:11.  I made Goals 1and 2 so I was happy with that. Would I have liked to have been faster? HELL YEAH!!! But there is plenty of time for that. Yes, after the great experience I had, I can say that I want to do another one! SeaWheeze 2014 here we come!

Celebrations and hugs at the end!

My sis. We were bawling here!

My daughter. She was proud of me, can't ask for much more than that.

My brother in law and my mom

My little brother

Our niece and nephew. Jenny was taking all the pics. Thanks sis!

Sis and nephew

Overall, SeaWheeze 2013 was an amazing experience!! Jeff and I really had the time of our lives and are so grateful that our very first race was such a positive one. The whole event was so fun!! I never thought I would say that about a 1/2 marathon! Thank you to Lululemon for putting on such a cool, fun, well organized race, complete with all the entertainers, cheer stations, aid stations and overall support. Thank you to all the amazing volunteers. Without you, many if us could not have made it to the finish line. Each and every one of you had a hand in our success! Thank you to my awesome family for being there for us. Thank you Zyta for doing this with us and being such an inspiration.

And most of all, thank you to my husband for being by my side every step of the way. I love you.