Monday, December 30, 2013

Being Inspiring

When I first started running I was inspired by others and told them so. I thanked them for making me realize that you really can do anything you set your mind to, you just have to start somewhere..... and so I started.

One 1/2 marathon later and training for my second I am still proud of my accomplishments but I never expected to be an inspiration to others, EVER! It truly is such an honor to hear from someone that you have inspired them. It makes my running journey even more special to hear that I have touched someone. Even if it is something as small as making them think differently about what their potential is. By no means am I changing lives but if I even make one person think for a few seconds that what they thought was impossible really is possible then that makes me really happy.

As the New Year approaches and people start to think about their resolutions, one of the them is to obviously get more fit. I have had a few nice surprises of people that have reached out to me saying that I have inspired them to start running and asking for advice. Me!? It still shocks me! 

An old friend from high school that I have kept in touch with through social media has started her running journey just recently and asked me for tips. I enthusiastically passed on all the knowledge that I have gained but reminded her that everyone's running journey is their own and to always do what is best for her. But to hear that I even had a small part in inspiring her to start means so much. She is keeping me updated on her progress and now in turn has inspired me! Her enthusiasm and commitment got me out of a running rut! So thank you A!

I really did start this running journey just for me but being an example for others makes my path so much more brightly lit 😊

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  1. Your ability to motivate and inspire is something that comes from your accomplishments with running and your wonderful ability to put your thoughts and journey into words with your blog! I always love sharing our running journey and then getting to read about your thoughts after to see how your feelings toward running and fitness are evolving! You are a motivation to me to!�� keep up the great work and great writing!