Friday, July 26, 2013

Motivation, Getting back into it and Lettings things go

Sigh.. Where do I start!? I am just exhausted thinking about our struggle to get back into our SeaWheeze 1/2 Marathon training. I have to admit I've been freaking out a bit but that is when I realized I just had to let go a bit and just enjoy things.

Our trip back home was exhausting. We were in various airports trying to get home for 3 days. We would catch bits of sleep all over the place and by the end of it I had no idea what day it was or what time zone we were in. My body felt like shit!! I am pretty bad with jet lag and when we arrived home my sleep was all over the place!! I was wide awake when I should have been sleeping and dead to the world when I should have been awake. Not good! And then I got sick so I was just a mess and all that was on my mind was training so I started to get a bit of anxiety.

We were so behind on training and I knew this much time off from long runs would really affect my endurance. I really started to doubt if I could finish this 1/2 marathon.

When we got back we were about 3 weeks behind on training. I guess the only good thing was that before we left we were a bit ahead of the game and had already completed a 16k which really helped our confidence. We also did a LOT of walking on vacation and surprisingly didn't gain weight!! After all those amazing French pastries, I was shocked!!

Here's a summary of our workouts since returning: 

Saturday July 14th: 7k    This sucked. I just didn't feel good with my breathing. It was slow going but it was our longest run in weeks so I didn't expect much.

Monday July 15th: 10k   This felt MUCH better! I felt much more in the groove. We planned for another 7k but I pushed for 10 and was happy with that accomplishment. Our pace was better than the 7k as well. One step forward!

The rest of the week: 0k   Sick and anxiety ridden. No workouts! 2 steps back!

Saturday July 20th: 13.5k  The plan was 16k. Didn't happen and we had to quit at 13.5k with lots of walking. This felt awful for both of us. We went in the middle of the day so the heat also really killed us. I had trouble with my breathing the whole time and hubby was feeling dehydrated and headachy. We finally listened to our bodies and started walking a bunch and quit at 13.5k. I was even dizzy and nauseous a bit at the end. Not good. I felt defeated. Another step back!

Time to reassess things:  So hubby and I had a talk about how we should continue. The bottom line for our first race ever and 1/2 marathon ever is to finish and enjoy it!! We decided to throw any time goals out the window and when we decided that I felt like I could breathe again and a weight had been lifted off my shoulders!
Our training program that we had been following was specific to reaching a time goal of 2:15. This has been thrown out and shelved for another race, another time.
We decided to jump on the SeaWheeze training app and if we could get 16k done sometime next week, we would be right on track. I was happy with our new plan.
I read this on the SeaWheeze Facebook page and it couldn't have come at a better time:

"The best races are not based on the time clocked but how you feel when you cross the finish line - when setting your goals for the SeaWheeze, set some qualitative ones as well. For example "I want to cross the finish line smiling, standing tall, and feeling proud of the accomplishment." Run for the love of it!"

I love this and will follow it with all my heart! This race for me will be all about finishing with a smile on my face, feeling good in my body and enjoying it with my husband, friend and family cheering me on!

2 steps forward!

Sunday July 21st: 1 hour yoga + 20 minute run   We really wanted to get a yoga class in after all the travelling and sleeping on planes and airports. Some good stretching, strengthening and centering was much needed. Plus our new training program called for optional yoga. Our normal yoga location only has 1class per week so I researched other classes nearby and off we went. We dragged Mikayla along and it was some nice family activity time. The class was hard and hot!! But we loved it! We felt great after. Hubby and I are really loving yoga and what it does for us. 
We finished off the night with an easy 20 minute run. Nothing crazy.
Another step forward!

Monday and Wednesday of this week called for 40-50 minute runs. With our new plan we have decided to forego any speed training and just concentrate on endurance. As we still needed to get another 16k in we decided on a rest day for Monday and combine it with Wednesdays run and do 16k.

Tuesday July 23rd: 1 hour yoga class. Was hard, we sweat a lot, stretched a lot and loved it once again! 

Wednesday July 24th: 16k!!!  We did it!! I was so worried about getting this done but I just did all the things I needed to do - hydrated a lot, ate well and stayed calm in my mind. We decided to wait until the sun went down a little more and headed out around 7:20 pm. My goal was to go as slow as needed to be able to complete it without any extra walk breaks and still feel good at the end. In my head I wanted to be back before 9:30pm. The first part of the run was still pretty hot and there was no breeze but as the sun went down more it got to a nice comfortable temp. We decided to do 3 loops of our favourite long road. Before we knew it we were on our last loop! I couldn't believe it. I totally felt good too. No breathing issues, no dizziness, no negative thinking! Hubby even listened to my breathing at the end and could tell I was fine so he picked up our pace for the last few kms. Sneaky bugger! It was nothing speedy by any means but we did it and along with it came some confidence again! And we got back at 9:22pm, so ahead of schedule which made me happy. I also finished feeling pretty good. My back hurt a bit but no big deal.  YAY! I think we are back on track.  A giant leap forward!!

Thursday July 25th: Cross training    We went for a nice bike ride into Steveston and the finished off with a cross training workout on the SeaWheeze training app.

Today is a rest day which gives me a chance to finally get caught up on this blog.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 19k. The weekend is busy with a family wedding so we are hoping to fit it in. No pressure though. I am just happy to be feeling back in the swing of things!!

France Part 2

Wow I am so behind in blogging! Took me awhile to get back into the swing of things when we returned but I think I am 80% back now. The other 20% is still in France, I  loved it SO much there.

When I last left off we were relaxing and enjoying some peace in the countryside of Provence. Little did we know that The Tour de France would be passing by for Kilometre 0 of their next stage, literally down the street from where we were staying!!! We were hanging out at the pool when we heard a megaphone and cheering. Our host came to tell us that the Tour de France would be coming by in a few hours! We couldn't believe our luck!! We would get to see the Tour by total fluke! What are the chances!

The riders literally passed by in a swarm within seconds but it was so cool to have witnessed that and be a part of the excitement! A true highlight!

Provence was a wonderful time to relax and recharge in the middle of our trip. After 2 days there we got on a train to Paris!! 

Paris was even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Every building was stunning, the people were beautiful and contrary to popular belief they were also very nice and so helpful. The Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame and the Louvre took our breath away.

Outside our apartment window

Jeff and I were lucky enough to celebrate our 3rd Wedding Anniversary in Paris! It was so memorable as we spent the day at the top of the Eiffel Tower and we locked up our love on the famous Love Locks Bridge. It was so special. I love my husband endlessly.

Notre Dame

Sadly it was time to leave. We loved every minute of our trip. Ok maybe except for Mikayla having her phone pick pocketed on the Champs Élysées and having to run for our train to Provence :( But other than that it was truly the trip of a lifetime. We will all remember it as a family for a lifetime. 

Trying to get home from Paris proved to be impossible as we were on Standby for my hubby's work discount. The Paris airport was just WAY too busy and we couldn't get on any flights. We ended up flying to Glasgow Scotland (only an hour away) to get home! We were only there or a few hours but it felt like a totally different planet! We loved the accents but could barely understand them there even though they were speaking English! Anyways it was a fun side trip and Jeff even met Kenny Rogers in the airport!

As far as running goes, we only ran twice. Once in Nice along the Promenade and once in Paris in our neighbourhood. They were very short 3k runs. So much for the 10k runs planned : ( We were just too tired, too busy and too hot to get anything else in. Oh well!!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The time of my life in France

I am currently blogging from a little farmhouse in the countryside of Provence, France!

We have been in France for a week now and are loving every minute of it! Words can't describe the beauty, architecture, art, culture, landscape and history we have experienced so I will just show it in pictures. Enjoy!


                                           The view from our apartment

                                                       Our apartment

                                           The yachts are ridiculous!



                 We picked out our yacht!



Eze is a medieval village perched atop a rock, 1400 ft above sea level. 3 years ago I visited the Island of Capri on the coast of Italy. I declared it my favourite place in the world. Eze has taken over as my new favourite. It is absolutely breathtaking!

At the very top is an exotic garden. The view and statues are stunning.



And we actually went for a short run in Nice!! We wanted to do a long one, but as you can see there is just too much to see and do so we simply didn't have time! We have no idea how long or far and we just enjoyed it.

                        Lacing up!


Hope you have enjoyed my photo montage! Next up Paris!