Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The time of my life in France

I am currently blogging from a little farmhouse in the countryside of Provence, France!

We have been in France for a week now and are loving every minute of it! Words can't describe the beauty, architecture, art, culture, landscape and history we have experienced so I will just show it in pictures. Enjoy!


                                           The view from our apartment

                                                       Our apartment

                                           The yachts are ridiculous!



                 We picked out our yacht!



Eze is a medieval village perched atop a rock, 1400 ft above sea level. 3 years ago I visited the Island of Capri on the coast of Italy. I declared it my favourite place in the world. Eze has taken over as my new favourite. It is absolutely breathtaking!

At the very top is an exotic garden. The view and statues are stunning.



And we actually went for a short run in Nice!! We wanted to do a long one, but as you can see there is just too much to see and do so we simply didn't have time! We have no idea how long or far and we just enjoyed it.

                        Lacing up!


Hope you have enjoyed my photo montage! Next up Paris!

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