Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day and our week so far

Father's Day

We were supposed to do another 16k on Sunday but I worked 7-3 and then we went to my sister's for a Father's Day dinner right after so we had no time!

I got my Hubby the funniest book ever! We have 2 cats that we adore and are constantly laughing at their antics. Here is a pic of the cover:

And a sampling of its humour:

If you are a cat owner you will appreciate this!

I got to listen to him laugh all morning while reading it! Made me smile while working in the other room.

Here he is doing selfies with the cats. Yep my Hubby is quite the character.

 Jeff is a Step Dad to my daughter Mikayla and he does the most amazing job ever! He loves her unconditionally and takes such good care of her. They have such a great relationship. I love the 2 of them so much.

We had a nice dinner at my sister's place. What do you get your Dad that can't do much anymore?? He seems to like baking and makes the best apple pie. So I got him some fresh strawberries from one of the farms in Richmond and it worked out perfectly because they have some rhubarb in the garden and he was excited to make a Strawberry/Rhubarb pie!

A shout out to all the amazing dads out there that do such a wonderful job every day, especially my Dad, my Hubby, my daughter's Dad Evan and my bother in laws Brent and Scott!! Well done Men!

This week so far 

Back to running.. we were going to try to make it out for the 16k on Monday night but I still wasn't feeling 100% and since it was after work, long runs are really hard to do. It's about 2 hours out of our night!! So based on all this we decided to head out for a shorter 7k run. Another fail! Damn I am getting sick of all my fails!  

It actually started off great. Pace was pretty good. At around 4k I started coughing and then couldn't catch my breath, and then I ran right by someone's stinky garbage on the curb so I dry heaved a bunch! I was done. We finished at 5k with a 6:47 pace and walked 2k home. Another Bleh! I was in SUCH a bad mood after this and sulked the whole way home. Just ask Jeff. I think he wanted to throttle me! ; )

Last night we did some Fartleks (sprinting exercises) before Yoga class. They went well and just when i thought was done I threw in one more sprint! Yoga was awesome once again!! We really love it. We come out of it feeling so loose and bendy! Lol! And it is such a good workout at the same time! Yay! NOT a fail!

Tonight is Wicked Wednesday but I am doubting it will get done.. sigh. Hubby has a work meeting so will be getting home late. We'll see....

We are going to try to make up the 16k tomorrow night so hills might not be a good idea tonight.  

Stay tuned...


  1. First and foremost becoming a husband and step dad is the best thing to happen to me in all the years of my life, I couldn't be more proud to have these two lovely ladies in my life!
    Secondly, that book was sooooooo funny I could hardly put it down( I only stopped reading it so I would still have some to read at a later time) and those pics where a funny family joke that we all had some good laughs sorry about the middle part. Lol!!! Not my normal hairstyle :)
    And finally I just got home with pizza sooooooo..........sorry hun, looks like hills are out tonight!
    Oh ya I almost forgot, I didn't mention that I never thought I could get into yoga but I must say I have found it to have so many benefits for our training!!

  2. I'd like to add that it's not a fail! You were sick and still got out there! GREAT JOB! Also, I looooove those pics hahahaha yay