Friday, June 14, 2013


We just friggin ran 16k!!! What???!!!

Can't believe we got through this run! 16k feels so awesome to have accomplished and I am still in disbelief! It has boosted my confidence even more.

The conditions were less than ideal. We had to push the Sunday run to Monday after work as Sunday just didn't happen. Monday was really warm but luckily there is a nice breeze by the water. It's just hard to get out and run for almost 2 hours after a full day of work!

We took our usual route and luckily the stinky manure road is ok now. I was nervous again but my body told me I could do it. I just had to listen. The first 3k were a little painful as my shins were quite tight and were hurting a lot but I knew that running more would just loosen them up so that is what I did! I ran 13k more!

This run was actually quite comedic as the Hubby and I were bickering a lot! Makes me laugh to picture us! Totally about stupid stuff and we apologized after but I must have had enough breath to yell at him which is a good sign! Lol!

I did try a new fuel on this run! I actually got almost a whole chocolate Gu gel down at 8k! It was totally fine! The taste or texture didn't bother me at all. It just tasted like chocolate frosting! Yay! So glad I tried it. I felt good after and it didn't bother my stomach. Hubby says our speed picked up on the last half so that's good too!

Most of the run was a blur which is actually really good for me because I struggled so much with boredom and doubt before. I guess I have finally been able to master just getting in the zone and clearing my mind. That is a huge weight off of my shoulders because all the negative thoughts in my head while running were really weighing me down.

Something that we came across really made me reflect on life itself and how fragile it is. We saw this memorial site for 2 young boys so I had to stop and pay my respects. I googled it after and it's for 2 teenage brothers that were killed in a car crash at that spot a year ago. 16 and 19, so very sad.

On a lighter note I wore my SeaWheeze shorts for the first time and they performed great! I forgot to mention that on the last long run I had a serious case of hungry bum!! Boy did I ever wear the wrong underwear last time, so to any drivers or dog walkers that saw me picking my underwear out of my butt I apologize!! So glad I didn't have to deal with that this time! TMI I know!

One thing I struggle with as we take on new distances is pace. I don't want to go out too fast and by the time I realize my body can handle a bit of a faster pace it is too late and our time is already slower than we want it to be. Oh well, it is a learning curve and I hope to find a balance. This is where I think a Garmin will really help!

One of the things Hubby and I fought about was he always overshoots our turnaround point so we end up being so far from home when we finish and have to walk a bunch extra! He's done it a few times! If I wasn't paying attention we would have been a lot further from home than we were.

Anyways we finished and I was elated! Tired and sore but elated! Sure enough we had a long walk back home and I was even having a hard time walking I was so spent! So I of course whined the whole way home. Hubby must have felt bad because he offered me a piggyback. Lol!

Not sure if the time is accurate because Hubby's phone died (the subject of another fight!) and my
phone seems to always be way off.

Total distance: 16.05k
Total time: 1:56:39
Pace: 7:16 (slow again but now that I know I can do the distance, I will try for a faster time next run)

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