Thursday, June 13, 2013

Injury and gear report


We have been so lucky thus far to have no major injuries during this training program. Knock on wood!  As much as I want to go faster, I know that keeping a steady recommended pace is helping to ensure that we make it to race day with no injuries. I wish my competitive nature didn't battle this fact so much!

Although we have no MAJOR injuries, there are some minor ones. I have one ugly big black toe!! My big toe on my right foot started bruising about a month ago. It was tender when I first noticed it and then it turned purplish but it wasn't really painful and I don't really notice it unless I push really hard on the nail. It hasn't gone away and although it doesn't bother me it is UGLY! So much for pretty toes in the summer! Forget about a French manicure! I can only wear really dark polish to cover it up. I'm not quite sure what is causing it but it's only on one toe. I know I am pounding a lot of pavement and losing toenails and getting bruised toenails can be common. I guess I won't worry about it unless it gets painful. Here it is in all it's black glory! U G L Y!

My minor injuries seem to favour my right side because on long runs I get a little bit of chafing under my right arm by my arm pit. I don't normally notice it until the end of the run and then it really stings. I have to remember to body glide that area!

I mentioned before that Hubby was having some pain in his shins. He was worried he was getting shin splints so he changed his gait to more of a shuffle and has had no further issues. Phew!

He gets a bit of chafing too on his thighs if he doesn't remember to apply some kind of protection. Luckily no bloody nipples yet!!


For my all important shoes I am a believer in more minimalist runners. If you've read the book Born To Run, you'll understand. I am nowhere near ready for barefoot running or Vibrams but I tend towards a minimalist runner. I was wearing Nike Free shoes which I had no problem running in but standing and walking in them made my arches ache. I also got blisters in them on some runs. I did some research and decided to try the Adidas Adizero  Adios 2. I heard great things about them and all the reviews were stellar. They are the same shoes Patrick Makau wore when he set the marathon world record last year! Anyways I love them! They are super comfortable, lightweight and cute too! I have had no blisters in them and they have carried me through my training so far with no injuries except for my ugly toe!

Of course all my running clothes are Lululemon. I don't know what I would do without cute, technical clothing? They make such a difference. The moisture wicking and anti stink capability are a god send! LOVE my running clothes! My wallet doesn't! Some of my faves are the speed shorts, the Ebb & Flow tank and crops, anything of the swiftly tops, the Free To Be bra and cool racerbacks. I usually wear a baseball hat to keep my hair out of my face. I am not too sweaty of a person so any hat works. My fave socks are Lulu. I have tried other socks but none of them even hold a candle to Lulu's.  I carry my iPhone in an armband that works really well and I listen to music and use MapMyRun or RunKeeper apps to keep track of time and distance. Well that's my gear in a nutshell. Oh and I REALLY need a Garmin!!! Maybe after our France trip : )

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