Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekly Recap

The weekly runs were a partial fail but I am still happy with the work we put in. Sometimes things just have to be adjusted in training and I have to learn to accept that. (I am still working on my attitude adjustment. It's a work in progress!)

Jeff had some issues with his shin after our 12k run and was really worried that he might be developing shin splints. Uh oh! We have been lucky enough to not have any injuries thus far. He iced them and rolled them out and I gave him a massage hoping it would just go away. Luckily he said they felt much better the next day but he decided he needed to change his running form. I noticed that  he tends to run like a gazelle bouncing up and down, spending a lot of time in the air. He decided he needs to shuffle more. Will report later how that goes for him.

Monday was rest day but we decided to do arm, shoulder and core strength training. Jeff has a program that he goes through with me that takes about 20 minutes. We use free weights and a Kettlebell. It's a good little workout and just enough to help me keep my upper body strong.

Tuesday was supposed to be our 4k tempo run but I had some "lady issues" and Jeff wanted to rest his shins for one more day. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body so we decided to push our training schedule back 1 day.  BUT not to completely throw in the towel we decided to do leg and more core strength training. This was a hard workout and we were sweating up a storm! Squats, calf raises, planks (which I can't do to save my life) and some plyometrics - tough stuff! So 2 strength training days this week made up for the 0 we did last week so I was happy with that.

Woke up on Wednesday REALLY sore in my legs!!  My quads and calves were screaming at me! Thank god Wicked Wednesday was pushed back 1 day! Today was a 4k tempo run. I must admit that I don't enjoy tempo runs. They are hard. Anyways off we went and about 1k in I got a really bad side stitch and was feeling crappy so I had to stop. The pace for that kilometre was about 6:06 so good pace but I couldn't continue. We walked a bunch until my stitch went away and decided to do fartleks instead. We would jog slowly and then run as fast as we could to the next light post. In the end we still got about 4k in. It wasn't according to plan but sometimes you gotta improvise and we still got a good run in so I can't be too disappointed. This all builds character!!
By the way Jeff's shins seemed to be fine. Yay! We can NOT get injured!!

Thursday was the new Wicked Wednesday! Once again I was dreading it. 5 hill repeats today! How?? We drove to our hill and did about a 1.5k warm up. I was worried as I felt tired. Ok, let's just get this over with. The first hill was fine but I could tell today was going to be a struggle. Who am I kidding!? EVERY Wicked Wednesday is a struggle! On Hill 3 I had to walk 1/2 way up. I had nothing in my legs. Good thing though was that I was just flying on the downhills. Having to walk on part of Hill 3 pissed me off enough to promise myself I would not stop on Hills 4 and 5. Well that worked and I ran up both of them without stopping even though my heart was beating out of my chest by the time I got to the top and I thought I may pass out! DONE!! 5 hill repeats finished!
Our pace was surprisingly good despite my walk and our last hill was the fastest!

Total distance: 4k
Pace: 6:25! Faster than last weeks 4 hills! I am getting stronger!

Friday or Saturday was supposed to be a 6k steady run... didn't happen and I'm ok with that. 3 runs and 2 strength training days was fine with me. We were both dealing with some issues so I am totally happy with what we did!

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