Thursday, June 13, 2013

Quick recap from last week

Last week was tiring and almost burnt me out! I almost feel like we overtrained.


We were at the track again and I decided to do a Magic Mile. I haven't done one in a long time, definitely not since we started training for this half. My goal was to run 1mile at a very uncomfortable fast pace. I did 1.82k in 9:19 with an average pace of 5:07!! My fastest mile ever! I think I took over a minute off my last one. My Hubby is crazy fast and did his in something riduculous like 7 minutes with an average pace of 4:06. Funny thing is last time he lapped me but he couldn't do it this time. YES! That makes it all worth it! Hehe!
I finished up with an easier 3k with an average pace of 6:28.


It was a really hot day so we decided to push hill training to Friday instead. We did a really hard circuit workout for about 30 minutes. These always make my legs really sore the next day.


My daughter skipped Field Hockey practice as we had to go to her school awards ceremony where she was named for being on the honor roll for the year! SO proud!
We ended up doing an easy 6k at around 9:30 at night. Now that is dedication! We were both pretty pooped by the end of the day.


Wicked Wednesday on a Friday = BAD idea!! Running 6 hill repeats at the end of the week was the LAST thing I felt like doing!! I had to drag my butt out there and whined the whole time.
My revelation was that hill training makes me very bitchy!! I don't want to talk before, during or after it. I just want to focus and get it done. Sorry honey for my bitchiness!

It was tough as shit as usual.

6 hill repeats
Total distance: 4.8k
Pace: 7:06 ( SLOW and not thrilled with the time but whatever, it's done! 'Nuff said!)

We were exhausted at the end of this week and we think we are in need of a change up! I signed us up for Yoga next week for a change of pace! Looking forward to stretching out these sore muscles!

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  1. Ok sweets,I got it....... No more chatting while doing the dreaded hill days;) but ya gotta remember, no matter how much you despise them you keep banging them off!!!!