Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I just recently shared my blog with family and some friends and I couldn't be more overwhelmed or touched by the support I have received!

I am a sap and it honestly brings me to tears. For people to tell me that I have inspired them truly means the world to me.

This blog just started out as a personal diary to keep track of this running journey my Hubby and I have embarked on. I didn't think anyone would read it let alone want to read it or follow it!

And to be told that my words have in some way gotten them to at least think about something that they never thought they could do, makes me beyond happy.

I was shy to share my blog as I am a private person and also don't want to let anyone see me fail but if anything, the outpouring of support has made me feel stronger than ever!

My mom told me my Running Inspirations post made her cry - wow my mom hardly ever cries. My brother and sister and sister in law told me that they are proud of me! How can I not feel touched!?

Special shout out to fellow blogger and co-worker Loida! Check out her great blog about life and taking chances at lomalara.blogspot.ca. She is example that strength and stepping out of your comfort zone come in all forms.

Thanks to Zyta as well who tells me all the time that she reads my blog as inspiration before her runs.  She has been my longest and most dedicated follower! : )

Hubby, thanks for proofreading and being the best character in this blog! You encourage me every day and tell me that my writing is great! Love you for that!

And for anyone that has sent me kind words or comments or anyone that has simply stopped by to have a read, a laugh or a self reflection - THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. YOU are all my inspirations and I couldn't do this without you behind me!

I love you all!


  1. Wow, I seem to be a sap too, I have tears right now! Thanks for your blog and I'll continue to read and re-read your entries because they are great! *hug* (also thanks for the mention, I'm glad you enjoy my all-over-the-place blog!)

  2. I love that you are starting to share your blog with more people, you are so good at conveying your thoughts to an entertaining and emotional read and I know so many people would enjoy reading about your journey! You should never be afraid to fail because it happens to the best of people and I also know that if anyone has the sheer determination to finish something it for sure is you ;)