Monday, November 11, 2013

Still loving Yoga!

So in my last post I confessed to being a very bad runner in the last 3 months, but I have kept up with Yoga and am still loving it!

Yoga is one of the only activities that I have ever done in my life that l look forward to, crave and can't wait til the next class! I hate missing a class and yes I will drag my Hubby even when he is feeling a bit under the weather. One day he said he wasn't going because he had a headache. I actually told him to "put on your big boy pants, stop whining and let's go! It will make you feel better!" I even clapped my hands in his face and told him to get dressed and get moving! Yep, true story! And guess what?? At the end of the class he felt better and thanked me for making him go! Lol!

The only bad thing about yoga is it's only once a week : ( We have requested for more classes so hopefully something will be added soon. I would like to go 2 times a week at least. Sometimes we do a yoga video at home but it's not the same.

I can't believe how much my strength, balance and flexibility has improved since starting yoga. There are some positions I would never have even thought were in my realm of possibility! But when I want to accomplish something it is pretty hard to stop me!

When I first saw our instructor do Crow Pose I thought she was insane! I didn't think I would EVER be able to do it. Of course Hubby was an expert and showing off from the start so that just spurred me on. I practiced a lot and did a few face plants as a result but one day something just clicked that I wasn't doing right so I adjusted slightly and I did it!! Happy dance!

My legs are still not nearly as high as they really should be and I can't hold this position for very long but I am just happy I actually got both my feet off the ground. Oh and also happy that the back of my arms where my knees dig in don't hurt anymore! They were pretty tender and bruised for awhile.

So the next impossible pose our instructor introduced was the headstand!! No friggin way! But competitive and stubborn me saw Hubby the class star doing it no problem and I couldn't just let him leave me in the dust! I practiced a lot! And hurt myself a bunch! One day I practiced all day and had such a bloody headache and the top of my head was so sore. I was still nowhere near being able to do it. So I googled tips on doing headstands and watched a YouTube video! Lol! I am SUCH a loser!

I made some adjustments to suit me and figured out that it was all about core and shoulder strength, not head and neck strength! That made such a difference! I also decided that I really didn't want to break my neck so will only practice now against a wall. So I have progressed to being able to do a headstand by a wall and taking my legs away so it is all me!!!! Never would have thought I could even do that!! I am still nowhere near strong or confident enough to do it without a wall to break my fall just in case, PLUS the one time I didn't use a wall and asked Hubby to spot me, he just let me fall over in front of him and I crushed and bruised my hands!!! Can you believe him!? There was this awful cracking sound from my hands being crushed and he thought it was my neck. He is lucky it wasn't! Anyways never again!!

Look Ma, no wall!!

So there's a bunch of other wacky poses our instructor does that just leave us with our mouths open but it sure is fun trying!!

Namaste : )

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