Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lululemon Fit Report and Seawheeze Shorts!!

So last week my Seawheeze shorts arrived! My husband's came a couple of weeks ago and I was very jealous. I LOVE them! They are SO fun and colorful and funky!

I ordered the Run Speed shorts in a 4 and they fit perfectly. Very excited to try them out but the weather has taken a bit of a turn for the worse.

I also decided that I needed some shorter tanks for wearing with the Speed shorts. I mostly own tanks that are on the longer side that cover your tush. I have lots of Cool Racerbacks and Swiftly tanks but they look funny over my running shorts since they go past my hips and the shorts are on the shorter side.

The new version of the Swiftly tanks are made shorter and everyone was complaining about them but I thought they might work for wearing with shorts. I love the Very Green color so I picked up one in a size 4 and it works perfectly with shorts as it falls just at my hips! I love it.

I also LOVE the Ebb & Flow crops. They are my favourite Lulu crop of all time. I just love the material. Very durable and they don't pick up lint. When I saw they uploaded an Ebb & Flow tank in Power Purple I just had to try it so I ordered one online in a size 4. When I got it I really liked the style. It is a heathered color instead of solid.  The built in braw is awesome and very comfortable. It fit good but was a tad too tight. I could have gotten away with it but it was pulling on my neck and hurt a bit. It did fit like a second skin though and was just slightly longer than the short Swiftly tank. I decided to go to a store and try a 6 instead and it was much better so I exchanged it. So far I really like it.

                                                      Ebb & Flow tank in Power Purple

I had to post this one because my cat Kit Kat snuck in! 

Very Green Swiftly Tank

My Hubby also wanted to do a report on his Precision Run Hat that he just bought at Lululemon. He is a sweaty beast and looks like he has taken a shower after our runs. He has one Nike hat that he wears but he constantly fiddles with it and takes it off and on during runs. I suggested he try a Lulu one so he bought the Precision Run Hat in black and he LOVES it! Best running hat he has ever owned. By the end of our 12K run he didn't take the hat off once and only had to wipe away drips of sweat around his ears. He said his head felt relatively dry and the hat wicked away the majority of his sweat. He is very happy and highly recommends it! I might have to get one myself!

And here he is in his SeaWheeze shorts. He really likes them as well but he thinks the lining may be too warm for his sweaty ass (his nickname is Thermonuclear Boy because he overheats like crazy!). But he says he will for sure wear them for short runs and around town.

This makes me think of you honey!


  1. Keep up all the great work on your training and on your blogging as you are doing so good with both of them! I am so impressed with how far and how determined you are with your training and you are always keeping me smiling,laughing and entertained with your blogs. Love your sweaty beast!

  2. P.S. love your new tanks!
    P.S.S. the hat is totally fricken AWESOME!!!!