Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 5 Recap

Since we had to redo Week 3 of training we made some adjustments to our program. Here is how the original schedule looked up to Week 7:

We ended up combining Weeks 4 and 5 and increasing the long run in Week 6 to 12k. So we are now officially at Week 7. Here's how the last couple of weeks looked:


Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: Yoga and some quick sprints
I love Tuesday yoga classes. I look forward to them every week. It's such a good opportunity to focus on my breathing, stretch out my tired running muscles and work on my balance and strength. It's such a good workout and I always come out feeling refreshed but strong. 
After class we did a few quick sprints in the parking lot just to get our heart rates up.

Wednesday: 6k Tempo Run, Pace 6:36 min/km
We went out pretty late for this run and it was really dark and foggy. The fog was thick enough to cause some condensation on our eyes and we both had watery eyes for a lot of it. We were on a pretty dark stretch of road with really uneven pavement when my foot hit a raised part of the sidewalk that I couldn't see. I hit it pretty hard, hard enough for Jeff to hear through his music. I went flying forward and took a nose dive towards a mailbox. My arms and legs were flying but I miraculously recovered without actually falling or hitting the box! I couldn't believe it! Jeff saw it in slow-mo and thought for sure I was going to bite it and thought about reaching out to steady me but he decided it might throw me off more. We both couldn't believe I made it out of that standing and not rolling on the ground! I swear that the only reason I was saved was because of yoga. Without the flexibility and balance I have gained I'm sure I would have fallen. I was a bit thrown off my game after that! It scared the heck out of me and I wanted to make sure I didn't pull anything. I was totally fine and we finished up the run still shaking our heads about my near face plant! And I was pretty happy with the pace! It's good for me the slow runner!

Thursday: Yoga
This class near killed us! Tons of shoulder work and yoga push-ups! We told our instructor after that it was a killer class and she jumped up and down with joy, clapping her hands. She scares me. She is the teensiest little thing but she really scares me.

Friday: 8k Moderate Run, Pace 6:52 min/km
Nothing special about this run. Got it done, that's about it. It was Friday and I didn't want to run but dragged my butt out anyway. 

Saturday, Sunday and Monday: turned into unplanned rest days
Boo! Hiss! Was supposed to run 11k on Sunday but it didn't happen. Can't really remember why? I worked that day but really no other legit excuse. We planned to make it up on Monday but that didn't happen either. I have excuses but they're lame. Lame-o!

Recap - I was happy to see paces under 7 mins/km and get 2 yoga classes in but not happy with the 3 lame days. Just means I have to work harder next week!


I'm repeating a lot of outfits now so unless I buy a new article of clothing or wear something new I won't add an outfit post. Here are some outfits for the week:

All Lulu except for the Jackson 5 t-shirt I busted out for my double workout day.

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