Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 7 Recap

So it was pretty much the perfect workout week I'm happy to report! The temperature here really dropped so it's been below 0 degrees and freezing for us but we managed to still make it outside.

We got in 6 workouts this week! Here's what we did -

Monday: Weights and Squats
Today was supposed to be rest day but we decided to do some free weights and lots of squats at homes. I hate squats but know they are great for leg strengthening. Plus they give you a nice perky butt : )

Tuesday: Yoga
We got to try a new pose today - Side Crow. I came close to doing it in class but then tried it at home and was able to get both my feet off the floor! It took me forever to get front Crow Pose so to get Side Crow pretty quick was quite the accomplishment! I can't hold it for very long but was happy to just be able to lift my feet. Here is what it's supposed to look like

I don't look like that.... yet

Wednesday: Hill Training - 4 repeats
I had to go into the office which is in Burnaby and a heck of a lot hillier than Richmond so it worked out perfect. We brought our run clothes to work and drove out to a hilly area between work and home. It was absolutely freezing this day! It was -2 but the wind chill was deadly and made it even colder! We did a 2k warm up and then ran up a hill for 50 seconds and jogged down for 1 minute. We repeated this 4 times and then cooled down with a 1.5k run. We literally froze our faces off during the warm up. The wind was icy cold and I could not feel my face it was so frozen but we trudged on. I always hate hills but since our next race is on a hilly course I have to get over it! 4 wasn't too bad. I think was just numb from the cold. I was just proud of us for getting out there!

Oh and big news!! One of my 2014 goals was to be able to do a headstand without a wall and I did it! Hubby was nearby in case I took a spill but I didn't use him for leverage at all! I solely used my core to get my legs up and straight. I was so happy!!

Thursday: Yoga
Another tough class that left my arms and pecs very sore the next day but I feel I am getting stronger every time.

Friday: 8k Moderate Run, Pace 6:50 mins/km
It's tough to get out for a run on a very cold Friday night but we did it. It was a chilly but gorgeous night! We witnessed the most amazing sunset. It was breathtaking! We really are lucky to live where we do. Here are some pics-

It was a decent run. The first few kms always seem to suck but then I settle in at about 5k and feel good. My goal was to feel good and not go over 7 mins/km and we did that!

Saturday: Rest Day
I killed it! Woot Woot!

Sunday: 13k Long Slow Run, Pace 6:52 mins/km
The only thing on my mind this day was to get the run over with so we could settle in and watch The Walking Dead!!!!
Sometimes runs just click, things fall into place and you feel great- this was one of those runs!! I didn't even struggle with the first few kms. I had this amazing surge of energy at about 6k where it just felt right to put it into high gear. My average pace for that km was 6:10! That's fast for me in the middle of a run. For once in my life Jeff was actually behind me! It was a combination of the right song (Light it Up by Fall Out Boy), the right road, the right words from Hubby ("your form has improved a lot, you are running more efficient and stronger") and the right energy that all of a sudden put me into beast mode. I tired at around 8k and slowed down for a bit but picked it up again at 9, 12 and 13k with an average pace between 6:28 and 6:40. Again fast for me for a long run. 
It was just an awesome overall run and gave me some much needed confidence for the longer runs. Happy happy!

This is how our night ended : )

Perfect end to a perfect workout week!!

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