Wednesday, August 7, 2013

19 Freaking K!

Last time I left off we had just finished a 16k run on a Wednesday night and the "plan" was to do a 19k  on the Saturday before my cousin's wedding that night. I highly doubted we would get it in. So did we??? HELL YES WE DID!!!

I could NOT believe we accomplished 19k after having done 16k just a few days before. I NEVER thought I would be doing this in my entire life!!  1/2 marathon is only 2.1k more. I can do it!

The run is a blur now. It wasn't easy but it wasn't horrible either. Every time I do a new distance I am afraid that I won't be able to do the extra mileage so I go as slow as possible. It's like testing the waters. I really don't remember a lot of it but my mantra was "if you don't do it today, you are just going to have to do it all over again. Quitting is not an option!" And that my friends is what kept me going! Ha! None of the positive stuff like "you are strong, you got this or you rock". Just plain old fear of having to try it all over again! Amazing what can motivate you sometimes!

I am pretty sure that after this run, the Hubs and I have got our fuelling/hydration system down. We have a couple power bar jellies before, drink water at our walk breaks for the first few kms, have a chocolate Gu about 1/2 way through and then start to drink the Gu electrolyte mix and water the rest of the way. We had no stomach or dehydration issues at all. Oh and I also take an ibuprofen before starting.

I was pretty dead when we finished but no major issues. I was still walking, talking, laughing and high fiving. I think I will have another 2.1k in me for race day. Fingers crossed! We were just SO thrilled with our accomplishment we couldn't stop grinning at each other!!

It was a slow 2:24 but whatever : )

When we got home we had something to eat and decided to have our first ice bath. I HATE being cold!! So this was not something I thought I would handle well. we filled the tub with cold water and i inched my way in instead of just jumping in (stupid I know). Then when I was in, Jeff dumped ice in. once I was in it wasn't too bad at all. I stayed in for 10 minutes and felt so refreshed after. My legs felt great!

My cat kept me company and was batting at the ice cubes floating around!

So the ice bath turned out to be a great idea because we ended up being able to dance the night away at the wedding! AND I was wearing heels the whole night! Past long runs have left me feeling like a zombie. I felt like it was just another day after this one! The whole night Jeff and I just kept looking at each other, shake our heads and go "can you freakin believe we did 19k today?!?!" 

It was a good day and a beautiful wedding! Congrats to Chris and Joanne!


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