Friday, March 7, 2014

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Upcoming Races

Whidbey Island 1/2 - April 14
Our second 1/2 Marathon is quickly approaching. EEK! I hope I'll be ready and I hope we can both make it injury free. I've sort of been freaking myself out by reading some race reports of the Whidbey Island route. It's a hilly route. Apparently there's a hill for a whole mile! Yikes, I'm worried! Although, what goes up must come down and I do love my downhills. I've also read how windy it was one year. Wind and hills are not a good combo. 

Lululemon Sea Wheeze 1/2 - August 23
Registering for this was quite the fiasco! Due to popularity the registration was shut down. So the second registration was set up and it sold out in less than an hour!!! Worse than concert tickets! I was lucky enough to be off this day. If I wasn't we would not have gotten a spot. Sadly, some of my friends did not get a spot. I was SO happy we got in but also so bummed for my friends. 
I love this race and can't wait! It's the race that started my whole 1/2 marathon racing journey. I hope to be able to participate every year but it sure is getting popular and hard to get a spot.

We were really hoping to get a spot at the 1/2 Corked run in Oliver in May. Due to popularity, they do registration by lottery. You basically get to run through vineyards to sample wine and food for 18k! I understand why it would be so popular! Sadly, neither Hubby nor I got a spot. We are on the waiting list so crossing our fingers that something will still come up. It sounds like so much fun.

We are thinking of doing the Scotiabank 1/2 in June to carry us over to the SeaWheeze in August. Haven't decided yet. I think we will see how the Whidbey Island one goes and if there are still spots left then we'll jump on it then. 

There is also the Rock n Roll series coming to Vancouver for the first time in October. I've always wanted to do a Rock n Roll run and how cool would it be to do the inaugural one in my very own city. But that would be another 7 months of training! Sigh.. we will see what happens.

New Gear

This makes me laugh! 

- I finally ordered a Handana and it came in the mail today. Excited to try it out!

- I'm not really a fan of protein bars but I have found a nutrition bar that I love for some quick fuelling before runs. They are sooo tasty! I also did some research on them and they top a lot of dietician's lists for best nutrition bars out there.

So far my fave is the peanut butter and dark chocolate but I haven't tried a flavour yet that I don't like

- I have been meaning to buy compression socks which I have been told by several runners really help with recovery after long runs. Here is the theory behind compression garments:

 “accelerate blood circulation, aiding muscle recovery and reducing toxins…reducing build up of lactic acid, preventing muscle oscillation, minimizing muscle fatigue, faster recovery and preventing injuries” (company website description of compression socks for runners). 

I am willing to try anything to help me along with recovery and reduce the chance of injury but they are damn expensive. Some are over $70! We checked the Running Room and found a pair of Sugoi ones for $39.99 - much more affordable! I have some long runs coming up so I am crossing my fingers that they make a bit of a difference.

The hunt for new shoes

This might as well be called "The Hunt for Red October" with how difficult it's been! My beloved Adidas shoes need to be replaced. The toe box is too small for my big toes, thus the ugly black toenails. And the material where my big toe hits is starting to rip. I have had no injuries in my current shoes so I know I like the minimal feel and if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I went on a search all day yesterday and had NO luck! I got fitted at 2 different running stores and nothing felt right. I tried every brand and type they had. The more cushioned, supportive ones just didn't feel good. I felt like my foot was surrounded by so much cushioning and support that they couldn't breathe, flex or feel the road. I like to feel the road beneath my feet when I am running. I had done some research online about minimal shoes and the new Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+ are getting rave reviews. I finally got a chance to try them on in a 1/2 size too big and 1/2 size too small but they still felt awesome!! I could just tell as soon as I put them on that they were more the type of shoe I was looking for. Sadly nowhere had my right size. Just my luck. I checked online and the Nike online store had them on sale but they don't deliver to Canada. Grrr! I have a few more stores to check so wish me luck! If I don't find them I might try to find my current shoes again but order a 1/2 size up.

My current shoe but mine is pink of course

What I want

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