Friday, March 7, 2014

Speed Training - Time to get uncomfortable

So Week 11 marks the start of Speed Training. Weeks 1 - 6 were about Endurance Building. Weeks 7 - 10 were about Strength Building and the remainder is Speed Building until Taper Week.

Sigh... speed is for sure my Achilles heel. I know I can get the distance in, I've done it before, but speed doesn't come naturally to me. Aerobic exercise has always been hard for me. I was that skinny girl in the back of an aerobics class in the 80's that was totally sucking wind. I'm working on it and know I have come quite far from when I started but I still beat myself up over my slowness. I know that to get faster you have to run faster. It's as simple as that. It's time to quit sulking and whining and start running faster!

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