Friday, March 7, 2014

Week 9 Recap

So after the horrible wind/rainstorm we were less than enthusiastic about our upcoming training week and the results show. Pretty much a fail week...bleh.

Tuesday: Yoga
Yoga was cancelled last week and our regular instructor has been away a lot so we weren't sure if there would be a sub or not. We were pleasantly surprised to see her and had a good workout as usual.
I'm quite happy with our yoga progress. It's so nice to have found an activity that I love and connect with.

Wednesday: 6 Hill Repeats
It's really hard to get out there for hill training since we have to get in a car and drive a ways to find a hill. Anyways off we went after work and it was a pretty cold night. We did a 2k warm up and did a pretty good hill repeat session. It was our one success of the week. It's such a good workout and my heart is ready to burst out of my chest by the end of it. We didn't time it but I'm happy to say that the hard work earned 6 puppy and kitten vaccinations for the ASPCA with our Charity Miles app!!  It warms my heart to know our training can make a difference!

Thursday: No Yoga, Fail
Didn't make it to yoga. I can't even remember why? Lame.

Friday: 3.5k, Untimed
I worked 9:30 - 5:30 that day and we had plans to go shopping in the States right after work. I didn't want to miss a run so decided I would run in the morning before work. My plan was to run about 4 - 5k. I got up kinda late and felt groggy. I had a granola bar and headed out still feeling sleepy. So I've confirmed I am NOT a morning runner. Everything still feels tight. It feels like my body hasn't woken up yet. What a friggin awful run I had! I felt like I had never run before. My legs never loosened up, I couldn't get my breathing settled, I felt tired and dizzy. Ugh, it was a true example of how some runs just suck! Oh well, better than nothing.

Saturday: Rest Day
It wasn't really a rest day since I worked and then right after we had a family birthday party for my niece. Then we got up at 4am to watch Canada win Gold in Hockey at the Olympics!! Busy but fun day!

Sunday: No Long Run, Fail
So we had an unexpected dumping of snow over the weekend. It really didn't stop snowing and we wondered how we were ever going to get our run done. It wasn't hard packed snow. It was kind of slushy which made for really wet, slippery sidewalks. We fully intended on still getting out there but a combo of a few different things made us miss our first long run since I put my back out. I HATE missing runs! As mentioned we got up at 4am to watch hockey and then went back to bed at around 6am. This threw me off for the whole day. I felt in a fog and sleepy all day because of it. By the afternoon we were going to get ready to brave the conditions but we then discovered we had no water! Turns out the water was shut off in our area due to a neighbours pipe bursting. We got an update that it could be up to 48 hours!! Well that made our decision for us!  There was no way we were going to run if we could not take a shower after. Especially with it being a work day the next day for Jeff. The water luckily came back on at 10pm but I still feel like we made the right decision. I still felt really guilty though.

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