Monday, January 6, 2014

Basic Gear From Head To Toe

I thought I would talk about some basic running gear that me and my Hubby can't do without starting from the top down.

Head Gear

In the summer I like to go with the Lululemon Fly Away Tamer Headband or a baseball hat. The headband perfectly holds my hair back and out of my face but more importantly it collects all my head sweat so I don't have any sweat trickling down my face or neck. I'm not a huge sweater but anything I do sweat collects nicely in the headband. My sunglasses don't fit as nicely under a hat so I don't wear one too often. In the winter I wear a bigger, thicker ear warmer headband. If I don't cover my ears in the cold I get a really bad earache.

Jeff has found the perfect running hat from Lulu. I posted about it awhile back. It's called the Precsion Run Hat and it's his saviour. He is a huge sweater and this wicks away all his head sweat and keeps it out of his eyes. It's super lightweight as well so he barely notices it. In the really cold weather he might wear a running toque also from Lulu which keeps his head warm but helps wick sweat.


Proper running sunglasses are really important. I can't believe I used to wear regular sunglasses! I would spend the whole run adjusting them to stay on my face! Both Jeff and I got ours as Sportchek. They weren't crazy expensive or anything but they are proper sports sunglasses. The bottoms are rimless and I don't even notice mine when running. I never have to adjust them.


I can't run without music. Well I guess I could but I enjoy running with music. I used to run with the standard Apple earphones that come with the iPhone but they tend to fall out of my ear. We got some SkullCandy earbuds for completing the SeaWheeze 1/2 marathon that I use now. They are really good quality but they really keep outside noise out so I am pretty deaf with them in. Luckily I always run with Jeff so he keeps an eye out for me. I actually think my husband is my best running accessory : ) Love him.

Under Garments

The more comfortable the sports bra the better. Luckily I don't need anything with a lot of support so I don't have to worry about strapping the girls in! Lol! My favourite Lulu sports bra is the Free To Be Bra. It can be worn on its own as well so if you don't like a lot of clothing on during the heat you can take off your tank and just wear the bra. I also have some really inexpensive sports bras that I have picked up from Marshall's in the US. They are super comfortable but can't be worn on their own.

I have tried a lot of running underwear and have been on the hunt for the perfect pair that stays in place, doesn't ride up, doesn't show under running tights and wicks sweat. It took me along time but I think I finally found them. The Lululemon Light As Air Hipster underwear meets all my requirements! Finally! But they will cost you $18 a pop. Ouch! I have tried other seamless underwear from Lulu before but they always gave me wedgies. I still wear them but prefer these new ones. They just hurt my wallet.

Jeff goes commando if his running shorts have a built in liner. If not he wears boxer briefs but something light that doesn't trap the heat.


Most of my cold weather running tops have hand cuffins so I don't normally need to wear gloves. If it is 0 or below I will grab a pair of gloves until I warm up. I don't have any technical gloves since I don't leave them on for too long. Jeff does have a pair from Lulu that he wears in extreme cold.

An item on my must buy list is something called a Handana. When I run I tend to get a runny nose. It is very distracting and I hate it. I have to always remember to bring a tissue but hate having that soggy tissue that breaks and the little pieces of tissue all over my nose. Biggest pet peeve! The Handana is a sports wristband that fits around your hand and is made of technical fabric. It's used to wipe away sweat or nasal drip. I need one! It's washable too so it's better than using a tissue or your sleeve!

Jeff is my water boy : ) He carries our water since I don't like to carry anything in my hands and he doesn't mind. He carries a handheld amphipod from Lululemon we got super cheap from the outlet. It was around $10. For longer runs he wears a fuelbelt that hold 4 bottles. We fill 2 with water and 2 with an electrolyte drink which works just right for the 2 of us. Best thing is we got it for around $15 at Marshall's in the US! Our friend Zyta has the same one from here that was around $50!!! Sorry Zyta : (


The best running socks both Jeff and I own are the Lululemon ones. There is nothing I hate more than socks that fall down or slide around in your shoes! Pet Peeve # 2 for sure! The Lulu ones are durable, keep our feet cool and stay put. I have tried other cheap sports socks and they don't even compare. But, again they are expensive at $14 a pair. Since we go through a lot of socks in a week I've been looking for a cheaper alternative. I think I've found them. Well for Jeff anyways. I found a 3 pack of New Balance technical socks at Winners for only $12.99 and so far he really loves them. I am hoping to find some for me to save some $ on those crazy expensive Lulu socks. For the extreme cold, nothing beats Smartwool socks. They are great for warmth without holding in the sweat.

I think I would like to try compression socks in the future. I hear they are great for recovery after a long run or for circulation during a run. I will add it to my maybe list.

That's it for now! Proper running gear is so important so might as well share the knowledge!

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