Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 3 Recap is Gonna Need a Re-Do!

So Week 3 started off great with a wicked Yoga class on Tues night! It was the first class back since the holidays and our teacher put us to work! We did a lot of planking and core! It was awesome but ouch I was sore the next day!

Here is my OOTD since I only had one outfit this week:

Hubby is patiently waiting in the background here

And here he is mocking me with my cat Maks wanting to get in on the shot

And finally Kit Kat snuck in. She matches my crops!

I busted out my new parallel striped Wunder Under Crops. They are so soft and so fun! I feel like Beetlejuice in them! I wore a black Free to Be bra and a Cool Racerback tank in Currant. I used to buy a 6 in Cool Racerbacks but I am definitely a 4 now so the 6's aren't as form fitting but still great for bloating days or for more bum coverage.

So on Wednesday after work I was feeling sore but ready to do our 5k tempo run. I went to get ready and did a yawn/stretch combo and immediately knew I f*#ked up my back. I felt everything seize up and I yelled out in pain. Hubby was in the room and helped me lie on the floor. To make a long story short I totally put my back out, not from yoga, not from weights, not from running but from yawning and stretching at the same time!! ARGH! All I could think about was that I messed up the training schedule and was so frustrated!

I couldn't move at all for the first 24 hours without crying out in pain. It hurt to breathe! I literally was in a lot of tears. After lots of lying around, robax, icy hot pads and massages from Jeff I would say that I am 80% healed today. I am still really stiff but I'm not in pain and am mobile.

So there goes Week 3 out the window. It's okay, sometimes you just have to say " shit happens!"

I will reconvene next week with a Week 3 Re-do!

This doesn't really apply to my situation but it made me laugh and I love cats

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