Sunday, January 12, 2014

Branching out from Lululemon

I used to be the person that swore I would never be caught dead spending the ridiculous amounts of money that Lululemon asks for. For workout clothes?! I used to buy the cheaper knock off versions and found myself always having to pull my pants up. So when I started running, I decided to try on some real technical gear. I bought my first pair of Lululemon running tights and it was like the heavens opened up. I now understood the hype.

I buy Lululemon because it performs well, is durable, wicks sweat, doesn't chafe, has pockets for my running gear, doesn't hold the sweaty smell, fits like a glove, is flattering and cute. When I am working out or running the last thing I want to worry about is if my pants are falling down. I don't buy into some Lululemon cult or drink their lemonade. It just works for me and fits into my lifestyle. I work from home so I am either in running/yoga gear or pajamas the majority of the time. I love dressing up and clothes and fashion but I don't need to spend money on a "work" wardrobe so it goes to my "workout" wardrobe.

However.... it is damn expensive stuff! And I get it, you get what you pay for. BUT, money doesn't grow on trees so if I can look into branching out to less expensive brands then I certainly have an open mind. I have done so for sports bras and socks but not actual clothing.

So I put it to the test on a couple of shopping outings. Winners carries a lot of cheaper active wear brands like Marika Sport, Kyodan and Mondetta sport, as well as Adidas and Nike. I tried on 3 different pairs of tights. First was a pair of purple Adidas running tights -awful! They sagged at the crotch, had a terrible cut and the material felt scratchy and cheap. I then tried on 2 tights from Kyodan -awful x 2! Same thing - terrible fit, terrible crotch area, stitching was coming apart, seams were off. Total fail! I was wearing a pair of Lululemon Wunder Under pants that day and when I slipped them on after my try-ons it was like night and day! THAT is what well made tights are supposed to feel like! 

I proceeded to the mall and checked out Nike. I really like their colors and styles as well as the feel of the material. But the prices weren't at all cheaper. Maybe even more expensive. I didn't try anything on because of the prices but would consider them in the future.

Old Navy was having a huge sale and I knew they had an active wear line. I didn't really like any of their tops but looked at a pair of their compressive Capri tights. The material was super thick and it had this really cool pattern with alternating shiny/matte stripes. I tried them on and it was a total WIN! They were really compressive, opaque and fit like a second skin. No camel toe! Hubby loved them on me. Best part, they were only $12 (on sale from $30)!!!!!! Yes, please! Total score! Now that I know I like these brand of tights I will definitely keep my eye out for other colors. I don't know how they perform yet but if they fall apart at least they were only $12!

Here they are up close:

I LOVE them!

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