Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 3 Re-Do Recap

I am so happy we got in 5 workouts this week!! We were pretty beat by the time Sunday rolled around but felt very accomplished!

Monday: Rest Day
I wanted to have one more day recovery from my back injury before getting into it again. The last thing I would want to do is re-injure it again and be set back another week. 
Ideally on Monday or Tuesday nights we want to fit in some quick sprints since there is such a big gap from the Sunday long run to the Wednesday run.

Tuesday: Yoga
Our regular teacher was sick so our sub was the new teacher that will be doing Thursday night classes from now on. So we got a chance to try her out early and see if we liked her yoga style. It was Hatha Yoga which is a lot slower moving than the Power Vinyasa that we normally do. However it was still just as challenging because we are holding the poses for so much longer. Pretty much to failure. My legs and shoulders were burning after! We were dying at some points! There was a little bit of chanting which I'm not really into but it was very short. I didn't like it as much as the Tuesday class but I still liked it and will continue. It's challenging in a different way. The teacher is really nice too. And holy smokes, the class was pretty much full!! Talk about New Year's Resolutions time! We are so used to maybe 5 people in the class! There was about 13 or 14!

Wednesday: 5k Tempo Run, Pace- 6:45 min/km
My least favourite day turned out to be a good one! Mikayla had Field Hockey practice at 7:30 so we hit the track next door. I like doing track runs sometimes. I couldn't do them all the time but it is a nice change of pace. So around I went for 12 laps. I was uncomfortable but I didn't stop once. I even had some gas to sprint to the finish. I am still not breaking any speed records by any means but as long as I see improvements over last week I am happy. It was about 15 sec/km faster than my last tempo run and I ran 1 extra km. Plus I felt good and strong the whole time. 
Jeff got a PR of 27:10!! That guy is so much speedier than me! It gives you an idea of how much he holds back for me when we run together! Love him : )

Thursday: Yoga
So this is the regular Thursday night class and it was packed! Probably about 15 people! Crazy! We are not used to it. Besides New Years Resolutions I also think it's because they have such a great Groupon deal right now. $35 for 20 yoga/spinning classes or $20 for 10 I think! If you live in the Richmond Steveston area and are looking for a great gym, look them up - Russel Sean Fitness. It in the warehouse section on 2 Rd, just past Moncton. They do boot camps, core strengthening classes, spinning and the yoga is awesome!
We had a great workout once again and I love the feeling of stretching out my running muscles and building strength, particularly in my arms and core. Plus the relaxation at the end is something that I always look forward to!

Friday: 6k Moderate Run, Pace 7:10 min/km
I had Friday off and then we were going out to see my mom for her Birthday that night so I couldn't wait for Jeff to come home from work and had to head out on my own during the day. The moderate runs on our training schedule for my goal race time (2:15 -2:30) call for an average pace anywhere between 6:35 and 7:20 min/km. Well since I can't even do 6:35 right now on the Tempo runs that was out of the question! Plus the run sucked! I couldn't zone into it and I had bad post nasal drip that was practically choking me. Since Jeff always carries the water I didn't even think to bring any so I couldn't wash away any of the drip that was going down my throat. Oh well, still completed my 6k by myself! And still had an improvement over the previous 6k by about 30 sec/km despite how crappy I felt.

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: 10k Long Slow Run, Pace 7:12 min/km
This was our longest run since doing the 1/2 in August so it's been a good 5 months! The purpose of the Sunday run is to build endurance back up and not be concerned about pace. But of course I like to keep track of progress! The suggested pace time for the long run is between 7:20 and 8 min/km. It is not recommended to try to run faster than that so as to keep you injury free during your training. The last thing you would want to do is get injured for pushing too much during training! That would be such a setback. 
The run was fine. Not amazing and not horrible so nothing wrong with that.
The fact that I am having a hard time with nasal breathing because of the cold and post nasal drip really irks me but there is nothing I can do about it. I try to alternate after I have given my nose a good blow on our walk breaks. I really prefer breathing through my nose than through my mouth. It keeps me so calm. I can't do it for fast runs but for Sunday runs I like to do it the whole time. Damn runny nose! 
We also made the mistake of not fuelling on this run. We were out for 1:12 and we really should be fuelling with something after 45 mins of activity. Like sports beans, electrolytes or Gu. But we totally forgot. That is probably why we felt so crappy and tired after.
We had to run past our house a couple of times to get the distance right. It's funny, we had 3 different GPS devices going and they were ALL different! The Garmin had us at 9.84k with a pace of 7:18 min/km. Jeff's MapMyRun app on his iPhone had us at 10k with a pace of 7:12 min/km and my MapMyRun App was WAY off with us at 10.96k with a pace of 6:36 min/km! Lol! So we went with the one in the middle.
It's funny that the long slow run pace was right on par with the 6k moderate run. So I guess that is progress! I'll take it!

So as a recap - progress, progress, progress makes me happy, happy happy! : ) This schedule should pretty much be what we will be doing for the next 12 weeks. We will be making a few adjustments coming up to make up for the lost week due to my back injury. Plus when we can we will throw in some extra speed/strengthening workouts.

Until next week.....

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