Monday, January 6, 2014

OOTW - Outfits of the Week

Yoga at home -  I got this Lulu Power Y tank after Christmas and love the black and white floral print (Brisk Bloom). My crops are some Will Crops from the summer that I got on markdown. Love the color and fit but they are a bit sheer. Luckily our yoga class is done in very dim lighting!

Run 1 - The weather was a pretty mild 7 degrees and it was still light out. I wore some old Lulu Run Inpire crops which are made of luon. I normally like to run in luxtreme crops which are a more compressive lighter material but I was pretty comfortable in these. Luxtreme is cool to the touch and fits like a second skin. I normally do yoga in luon bottoms which are thicker.  I wore my Swiftly long sleeve top in Surge (love this color!) and my vest. I don't know what I'd do without my vest!

Run 2 - It was a really cold night! But it was sunny that whole day so I didn't really think it would be colder than the last run and stupidly didn't check the temp. It was probably about 3 or 4 degrees cooler. I wore my new Lulu black Run Inspire II crops that hubby got me for Christmas. The back leg part behind the knee and down is all mesh for venting so probably not the best choice for such a cold night. Other than that I love the fit and length. They will transition nicely into the summer. I fear though that they are a little sheer but after a bend over test Hubby said they were fine. Let's hope so! I wore a Power Y tank under a Swiftly Zip up Pullover in Power Purple and my vest. It took a long time to warm up so next time I would wear a warmer top. I also wore a smaller Lulu headband which didn't quite fully cover my ears. So that was a mistake too as my ears got a little sore.

Run 3 - It was beautiful sunny day but very chilly.  It was probably only about 3 degrees. I learned my lesson from the other night so I wore my warmer weather full length running tights from Lulu called the Alpine tight. They are nice and toasty warm with a soft brushed lining. I wore my black long sleeve Swiftly and my Lulu Stash and Dash pullover. It is really lightweight with wind protection and good venting and a nice front pocket. I love the color! It was nice and bright to match the sunny day. I feel like a highlighter in it. Lol!

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