Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 2 Recap

Week 2 is done. Got one good run in and the other 2 were just meh. But done.

Monday - we did some yoga at home since our yoga class is still closed for the holidays until next week. It felt really good to stretch out our sore running muscles. 

Tuesday - I was really anxious about Tuesday's run because a 5k tempo run was on the schedule. I have never been a fan of tempo runs because you have to run at an uncomfortable pace for the whole run. It shouldn't be so hard that you can't talk at all  but it should be hard to talk. I hate feeling like I can't breathe so these are not my favourite thing to do. I thought about it all day so decided I would do it by myself and not wait for Jeff since he would be running so much faster than me. I ended up getting off work early so I laced up and headed out before I could obsess about it anymore. It wasn't fun and I was breathing hard but it's the first one I have done in about 7 months so I wasn't expecting much for speed. I just knew I had to feel uncomfortable. And that I did. I did a 1k slow warm up and then did 4k at about 6:45 min/km. So slow but at least it tells me where I'm at with my speed and I have to kick my butt into gear with speed training. It was my last run of 2013 and I was happy to get it done!!

Hubby came home as soon as I was done, shocked to find out I ran without him! So he was forced to run since he couldn't let me one up him! I knew he would be speedy and he went out and killed it doing a 5:44 min/km for the full 5k!! Argh! Why can't I be that fast! He came back with a purple face and looked like he took a shower from all the sweat so I had to laugh!

Wednesday - rest day. Happy new Year!!

Thursday - we did some free weights and leg strengthening exercises at home in the quest to get me some guns!

Friday - a 5k moderate run was on the schedule and it was a really good run!! We took 3 mins off our time since the first 5k from week 1 so I was happy. I felt strong the whole time. It was really cold though!

Sunday - an 8k long slow run was on the schedule. It was a beautiful sunny day but the temps were a lot cooler. It was nice to be in the sun though. This run kinda sucked for me. I couldn't get my breathing settled the whole time and my legs felt like lead pipes. It was slow going but we got it done. Oh well, with running you win some and you lose some! Running isn't always going to give you a high and sometimes it's just plain work and you just have to get through it. I think the tough ones help build character and a stronger will. 

Summary - So what I learned this week is I can take a few months off and still surprise myself with how far I have come in running. BUT, I will lose endurance and speed that's for sure. I have nobody to blame but myself if I'm not happy with where I am with my pace after taking an extended break. Running is about consistency and it really takes so much discipline which is why I need to be on a training program. 

The first couple of weeks for me will have been about assessing where I am and then figuring out where I can improve. I know the endurance will come so I am not too worried about that. I did the distance once, I can do it again! What I do know is that I won't get faster unless I do speed training. I'm not suddenly going to get faster. I have to work for it. I just don't naturally have speed in my little old legs so I have to put in the work. I did put in the work before we left for France last year and I did see some great improvements in my speed. So I am ready to kick it up a notch again!

For the first 2 weeks of training the pace has been between 7 and 8 mins/km and I would much rather be between 6 and 7. Speed training doesn't start until Week 11 of the program but we are going to try to fit in some sessions before then. I know I will never be the fastest runner or impress anyone with my pace but this is all about improvement. As long as I improve then I'm happy. 

OOTD - I will still be doing Outfit of the Day posts but just on a separate post so as not to bore people that don't care!

Yoga - good news! We found out that a second yoga class will now be offered at our gym on Thursday nights! It will be a different teacher so hopefully she is as good as our current one. But we are really looking forward to having a twice a week option!

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