Saturday, January 18, 2014

Outfits of the Week and Lululemon Online Warehouse Sale

Tuesday Yoga

I decided to try out my Old Navy capris and they performed great! They felt good, nice and compressive and stayed in place. Very happy with these $12 babies! I wore a Tender Violet a Free To Be tank and an Aritzia sweatshirt until I warmed up.

Wednesday Tempo Run

It was a chilly night, about 3 or 4 degrees. Nothing special, I pretty much wear a uniform now when it's this temperature and the combination works perfect - Alpine tights, Long Sleeve Swiftly Top, Run Nothing But Run Jacket and my What The Fluff Vest.

Thursday Night Yoga

I wore some Luon crops in a Bordeaux color with a Cool Racerback in a Midnight Iris print. All of these basic items perform really well for yoga.

Friday 6k Run

I checked the weather earlier in the day and it was quite foggy, frosty and cool at only 2 degrees. I thought I would experiment and try out my Old Navy capris for a run and go with a super light top and a warmer jacket. I wore a Swiftly Short Sleeve top and pulled out a jacket I got last year called the Run Bundle Up Jacket. It's quite light and form fitting but is lined with super cozy fleece so it's a lot thicker than anything I've worn recently which is why I only wore a t-shirt under it. Well, by the time I made it out for a run, it warmed up and I was too hot. Not so hot that I couldn't complete the run but enough to feel some discomfort. The capris performed well. They stayed up but they probably didn't breathe as well as Lululemon products which I fully expected but nothing too uncomfortable. I just probably felt the sweat more than I normally would. The outfit was a partial fail. But this is why this outfit journal is a good thing! Our winter has been very mild and my warmer winter running gear is just sitting in the closet because of it. I think I was feeling sorry for my winter jackets which is why I decided to experiment. Won't be doing that again!

Sunday Long Run

It was about 5 degrees out so very mild again. I wore some new items I got from the online Lululemon Warehouse Sale! Everything performed great! I decided to try one of Jeff's toques and feared my head might get too hot but I didn't even notice it. It's a nice alternative to a headband ear warmer.  I definitely have the layering aspect for this type of temperature down pat!

Lululemon Online Warehouse Sale!!

So I usually check the Lululemon web site out on Wednesday nights since that is when they load new sale items in their We Made Too Much section. If I can get their stuff on sale you better believe I am all over it! I have gotten some great deals online.

Well unbeknownst to me, they were having an online warehouse sale that night instead of renting out a large venue! So much better than having to venture out and wait in line!

I scored some goodies!! Here are my purchases:

The Run Nothin But Run Jacket in black is what I wear all the time for layering. I love it so much and was thrilled to find it in red!! 

The Can't Stop Jacket is a steal at only $49!! I think the regular price was around $150. It has gotten great reviews and I love the color. It is basically like a Rulu top with some wind protection. I haven't tested it out yet but love how it looks on. I think it will be good with a tank or tshirt in temps 3 degrees or below.

I can NOT believe I got the crops for $39!! They have the coveted SeaWheeze runner girl logo from the first SeaWheeze! You would think this would be a collectors item!? They are a much longer length crop which I really like since I don't have anything in between a full length tight and a crop. They have mesh behind the knees and down fir venting, nice big side pockets and some silicone dots on the pocket to help keep your shirt in place. I wore them for the long Sunday run and LOVE them. One con is they are a bit sheer when bending over so I won't be wearing them for yoga, just running! Detailed pics are above from my Sunday run.

We got Jeff some shorts for $19 from $70!! Can't beat that! He wore them for a run and loves them. He says they are so lightweight and comfortable!

Finally, if there's one type of top I can recommend for running, it's the Swiftly tops! They are so light and breathable and wick away all your sweat! Can't have enough running t-shirts so I got 2! Love the colors! They were $34 from $58.

From the sounds of it I totally lucked out. Everything was pretty much sold out by the next morning!! Happy, happy!!

Update on my second order of the swiftly t-shirts - they were delivered today and what a frickin fiasco! The FedEx driver normally just leaves the package at the door. Well when I went to check after work, the package was NOT THERE!! I assumed it was stolen. I almost wanted to cry! I knew I couldn't get them replaced since they were sold out. Luckily Hubby had his thinking cap on and went to our neighbouring townhouse complex and sure enough there it was on the doorstep of our same unit number - just the wrong complex! I was so relieved!  I quickly tore into the package and I couldn't believe it but the security tag was still attached to one of them! ARGH! Could you imagine if I wasn't near a store!? Hubby came to the rescue again and has a store on his run so can take it in tomorrow for me to get the stupid thing removed. Frustrating experience to say the least! 

By the way, WHO AM I!??! This is totally me now:

What have I become!?... A runner I guess : )

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